Woodland Meadows 

We have established the first six committees to help promote the welfare of the residents and the neighborhood. Learn more and join us!

Traffic and Parking

Help to keep safe parking around the neighborhood.

Working with 5th Plain Creek Neighborhood Association, and the City of Vancouver help to plan and organize ways to reduce parking issues and help with traffic speeding in the neighborhood.  There are resources to help us from the city that we can explore and utilize.   “The Office of Neighborhoods will work together to help you find the best possible solutions to your speed and traffic concerns. There are several resources available and we have ideas already and we just need volunteers to help carry them out.  Help keep our streets safe!

Neighbors on watch

Help keep the neighborhood a safe place.

Help, with other neighbors, and learn more about organizing crime prevention activities with the city.  We have a neighborhood police officer who can come and speak to our group, and/or organize a network of “eyes and ears” in the neighborhood..  There is a Neighbors on Watch program through the City of Vancouver Police Department.  Neighbors On Watch (NOW) patrol volunteers are specially trained in crime prevention and detection and assist the police department by observing and reporting suspicious or criminal activity. There’s even a program called, Paws on Patrol!  Help keep your neighborhood safe! 

Event Planning

Help plan events and fundraisers in the neighborhood.

Help organize fundraising or community building activities for our Neighborhood Association.  Working with other neighbors, help to organize picnics, movie night in the park, yard sales, etc. The city has resources we can use to help offset the cost of some events, or some events can be used as fundraising activities.  “Picnics and other social events provide a way for neighbors to get to know each other and afford an opportunity for residents to learn more about the neighborhood association and its benefits to the community. Office of Neighborhoods and the City of Vancouver will work with the Neighborhood Association Leadership to organize successful picnics, by offering the use of on loan/rental equipment.” Help keep our neighborhood fun! 

Tree Stewards

Help trim the trees around the neighborhood.

Help protect our trees in the neighborhood. The county and the city have several programs in which you can become educated and trained on trees and become our tree steward. One program through the city is the Neighborhood Tree Stewards. “Training has provided community members with the tools and resources they need to be active leaders and urban forest advocates in their neighborhoods. There is a Neighborhood Tree Stewards Training program that covers general tree care, tree biology, tree identification, urban forest management and policy, and much more. No previous experience is needed to become a Neighborhood Tree Steward, but you do need a passion for trees, a desire to learn, and a commitment to help. Help keep our trees healthy! 

Clean Up

Help clean up trash around the neighborhood.

Join other neighbors by helping to organize possibly monthly and/or biyearly clean up activities to help keep the park and our streets free of debris.  We can even do larger events with the help of the City of Vancouver. For example, the city will provide a shredder, a chopper and even help to facilitate one large clean up event each year. The cleanup event is intended to provide neighborhoods with the opportunity to dispose of bulky items and can also include yard debris and scrap metal collection.  Neighborhoods can also earn bonus dollars for providing opportunities for reusing and recycling at the cleanup event.” Help keep our neighborhood Clean! 

Community Emergency Response Team

Help the neighborhood when a disaster strikes

Join other interested neighbors in establishing a Community Emergency Response Team. (C.E.R.T.) program is a Citizen Corps program under FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security that teaches disaster preparedness to citizens. When first responders like the fire department are overwhelmed due to a significant earthquake, flood, or fire, trained CERT members act as an extension of first responder services by providing immediate assistance to victims until professional services can take over. CERT training is a 20+ hour class that teaches citizens to take care of their families and neighborhoods after a disaster strikes. Help make our neighborhood safe! 

Interested in joining a committee?

Contact us via Email: woodlandmeadowsvanna@gmail.com